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Bouzaglou Legal is a firm specializing in international litigation

Have you been sued in Quebec? Are you wondering how it's possible that Quebec Courts would take jurisdiction over your case and apply their own laws? This is where Bouzaglou Legal comes in to play. With over 15 years of experience litigating issues including jurisdiction and applicable law, Carine Bouzaglou will ensure that the rights of non-Quebec defendants are fully enforced. 


Being a member of both the New York and Quebec Bars, Carine  Bouzaglou is in a unique position to manage all of your litigation across the world, ensuring that all of your lawyers are asking the right questions and no admission made in one jurisdiction can be used against you in another. Call today for a free initial consultation.

Introducing our law firm

Areas of practice



Carine Bouzaglou has a vast experience in litigation, including class actions and contractual disputes of all kinds. She is also specialized in international litigation, which includes jurisdictional challenges, choice of law issues and managing litigation across different jurisdictions.  



Carine Bouzaglou is a certified mediator. Participating in mediation before filing a lawsuit can save time and money, even if you do not settle. Contact her to learn more. 


Corporate and real estate law

Carine Bouzaglou offers corporate law services, helping companies from incorporation and drafting of shareholder agreements, to potential sales and everything in between. She also has an expertise in transactional real estate. 

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